OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue 5893 – premium quality for almost any application area.


Unloading bulk materials from a worn bed will become increasingly difficult and dangerous, especially once you need to tilt the bed at an extreme angle before the load starts to slide.
A UV-protected OKUSLIDE® plastic liner retrofitted to the bed will ensure that your load slides quickly and cleanly off the bed. The material has integrated additives to ensure excellent sliding properties.

Even very low temperatures down to -40°C should not have any effect on the quality of the plastic due to its good mechanical properties. OKUSLIDE® wear liners are available in a complete system package including customer support, material development, design, and installation.


Up to a continuous operating temperature of 80 °C, (briefly up to 100 °C), you can transport normally tempered and residual warm bulk materials with an OKUSLIDE® lining.
Bulk materials with even higher temperatures cause structural damage to the PE lining material and must not be transported with OKUSLIDE®.

10 mm thick lining material is recommended for more agricultural vehicles with grain sizes up to max. Ø 100 mm.12.5 mm thick lining material is recommended for
vehicles in the building material sector with grain sizes up to max. Ø 200 mm.

On request, OKUSLIDE® can even be supplied up to a material thickness of 15 mm.

OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue 5893 is not approved for transporting asphalt.


OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue FN5893 is available for our installation partners on coils and in complete kits.

OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue FN5893 is produced by our
Team completely assembled in the factory.


Watch out !

If your focus is exclusively on improved wear resistance, please look at
OKUSLIDE® Tough Blue FN5874.

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