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Physical properties            
 Molecular-weight Mio. g/mol.      
 Density g/cm³      
 Notched impact strength kJ/m²      
 Abrasion-Index (Sand-Slurry)      
 Tensile strength at yield (1B - 50mm/Min.) N/mm²      
 Elongation (Break / 1B - 50mm/Min.) %      
 Tensile-E-modulus (1B - 1mm/Min.) N/mm²      
 Static Friction      
 Dynamic Friction      
 Shore-D-Hardness, 3 sec. value 6 mm plate D      
 Ball indentation hardness N/mm²      
 Water absorption %      
Thermal properties            
 Melting Point (DSC) °C      
 Thermal Conductivity W/m*K      
 Max. operation temperature °C      
 Coefficient of thermal expansion (23 - 80°C) mm/mm °C        
Electrical properties            
 Volume resistivity Ohm*cm      
 Surface resistivity Ohm      
 ATEX-Directive - TÜV approved!      
 ESD-D Ohm        
Burning properties            
 Fire resistance (Self-classification) Klasse      
 Fire resistance (Self-classification) Klasse      
Physiological properties            
 Food compliant      
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